HAT Innovation

Supporting pre-traction, pre-funding entrepreneurs

Innovation members get help with a dedicated mentor, early traction, prototyping, engineering, an advisory board, and Seed-stage funding.

Focus: Market validation for Seed

We focus on helping founders to validate their market and develop and grow their MVP so they can raise Seed funding.

Focus: Market validation for Seed

We work with technologies from the earliest stage. To be accepted, you should have a good idea and a strong founding team, but more work to do on your market validation, prototyping, backend infrastructure, and fundraising.

Focus: Personal data, IoT, and FinTech

Our startups leverage HAT technology to prototype quickly, so that they can validate their market with early traction. Businesses leveraging personal customer data are able to build compliant, privacy-preserving apps quickly and easily.

How it works

You will be given a dedicated mentor to help you rapidly prototype and validate your idea. Then we will leverage this early traction to recruit an advisory board and raise a Seed round of financing.

Why join?

HAT Innovation is an intimate network of entrepreneurs, academics, and investors. We have unique experience building early-stage startups, and resources to help young companies from HATDeX and the researchers behind the Hub of All Things. Join us - we'll build great things together.

Get in touch to learn more

HAT Startups and the HAT Foundation Group are working together to improve the way the Internet builds technology. Please get in touch at any time for more information.

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