HAT Innovation

Building personal data applications together

HAT Innovation is the HAT Community Foundation's support program for startups and new ideas. Join our network of brilliant engineers, new businesses, and innovation economy leadership.

HAT Innovation Partners

HAT Innovation is supported by many of the world's best public and private organisations. Our partners gain access to a community of leading entrepreneurs and cutting-edge thought leadership around the coming personal data economy.

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HAT Innovation Startups

HAT Innovation's network of founders are building innovative technologies that use rich personal data from their customers and users. Startups can join from the very early stage, gaining support with fundraising, tech and MVP development, and business model innovation from our network of former founders, world-class engineers, foremost universities, and leading venture capitalists.

HAT Technology

The Hub of All Things is a technology that lets anyone on the Internet use, own, and store their private personal data. To learn more, visit the HAT online at www.hubofallthings.com.