Change the Internet

The digital economy is shifting under our feet. Rich, linked data sets, with the person at the center of them, are driving a new generation of web applications.

HAT Innovation

HAT Innovation is an investment and partnership program designed to put money and engineering supporting into new businesses that will thrive in the personal data economy.

Our Partners

Innovation support from world-leading Public, Private, and Third Sector organisations is helping advancing the data economy in the HAT ecosystem. Amadeus Capital Partners, B.heard, Noggin Asia, and the Universities of Cambridge, Warwick, Surrey, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and UWE are leading the way.

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How do Startups benefit?

Startups built on the HAT can use our infrastructure to build powerful apps on rich 'horizontal' customer information. It can also solve alot of cyber security and user authentication challenges out of the box, because these startups never need to own or host their customers' data themselves.

Other perks

HAT technology operates as a free "backend-as-a-service' for MVPs and prototypes. Developers get a user authentication solution through simple APIs. All they have to do is build the frontend of their application and they're ready to go. Our ecosystem also supports them with funding, mentorship, and joint customer acquisition resources.

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Private Sector HAT Innovation Partners

Investors, innovation-forward enterprise, and the for-profit sector can partner with the HAT to play a major role in the fledgling new data economy. Build and support data-empowered new startups and invest in a GDPR-compliant digital economy.

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Public Sector HAT Innovation Partners

Universities and government departments will be the catalyst that ignites UK leadership in the new data economy. Work with the HAT to make valuable use of public datasets and support new market innovations.

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Third Sector HAT Innovation Partners

The digital-forward third sector is among the most vocal champions for an innovative data economy. Partner with the HAT to champion this new market economy with resources and thought-leadership.

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