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We're joining forces with the private and the public sectors. Corporate innovation, venture capital, government, and academia. Help us bring about about the future of the digital economy.

Venture Capital

Your portfolio companies and investment strategy can't afford to ignore the personal data economy. Meet innovative startups that are ready for GDPR, and join our network of startup advisors.

Angel Investors

Gather insight and opportunities from the earliest stage companies. Help up cultivate the next generation of startups from idea stage to early investment.

Corporate Innovation

Watch as new business models and technologies take advantage of the personal data economy, live inside the HAT ecosystem. Add your expertise, insights, and resources to our innovation landscape.

Consultants, mentors, and advisors

Bring the opportunities of the personal data economy to life for your clients and startups. Learn to use HAT technology to solve your challenges with cyber security, MVP developments, regulatory compliance, and personal privacy.


Help your innovators, researchers, and startups take advantage of the privacy-preserving Internet. Use your resources and your ideas to rapidly prototype business models and new organisation with the HAT.


Champion the rights of citizens and businesses at the same time, with new technologies and opportunities in the personal data economy. Use your influence and resources to bring about the next generation of the digital economy.

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